Almost Dave

Almost Dave: A collection of parodies

Lately, the David Wilcox mailing list has had a good deal of fun writing parodies to David's songs. I've collected the efforts on these pages. I hope you enjoy. (David's official site, which contains the original lyrics and so much more, can be found at

How it got started: Gina Norman (e-mail / web) was talking to David after a concert, and he said to her: "You know what I'd like to see on [the internet]? Parody lyrics - you know, like Weird Al?" So being the fun-lovers that we are, a lot of fun stuff has come from it.

Hey, if you'd like to join up with us "Down Here" at the wilcox mailing list, here's the place:

That's it. I hope we'll see you there.

Now, on to the fun:

Song title Based on song title Written by Date
After You Sow Your Wild OatsAfter Your OrgasmJeff Stone25-Jun-99
Burgundy Crepe Souffle ScallionsBurgundy Heart-Shaped MedallianAlan Huppman22-May-99
(You Were) Combing Your Hair(You Were) Going SomewhereDenice Hazlett23-May-99
Daddy’s HoneyDaddy’s MoneyPaula16-May-99
Don’t Want to Let Them
Shatter My Dream
Rusty Old American DreamDAtkin18-May-99
Eat It Like It IsLeave It Like It IsLaura18-Jun-99
Home by 10:00Home Within Your HeartBrian Birgen18-May-99
Honey, Please Bring Me a BeerHow Did You Find Me HereDennis4-Jul-99
It’s Almost ShineAlmost TimeDennis8-Jul-99
Just a Small TrickleJust a VehicleDennis14-Jun-99
Makes Me Feel WoozyMake it Look EasyDennis18-Jul-99
Naked and SleazyMake it Look EasyDeborah25-Jun-99
Never a TroughNever EnoughLaura17-Jun-99
No TV (a Teenager’s
Leaving YouDennis22-May-99
Plane of HungerChain of AngerDennis3-Mar-99
Saturday It’s Back to School AgainSaturday They’ll All Be Back AgainDennis6-Jul-99
Speed and MoneySex and MusicDennis18-Jun-99
Stronger ChemistryStrong ChemistryDennis18-May-99
The ManThe KidDennis19-May-99
Under MeUnderneathJeff Stone25-Jun-99
UnderwearUnderneathBill Foley16-May-99
Untrusty American DreamRusty Old American DreamDennis15-May-99
Vickie’s SecretJamie’s SecretDennis17-May-99
Victoria’s SecretJamie’s SecretOz3-Dec-01

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