Almost Dave

Almost Dave: Saturday It’s Back to School Again

Lately, the David Wilcox mailing list has had a good deal of fun writing parodies to David's songs. I've collected the efforts on these pages. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday It’s Back to School Again” by Dennis
based on Saturday They’ll All Come Back Again by David Wilcox

Sent: July 6, 1999 8:58 PM

Johnny’s in trouble now, once again.
Don’t know what’s wrong with that boy.
He goes out ev’ry evening when the school lets out,
Using his high-wheeler like a toy.

Johnny does donuts in the parking lot
Laughing at the marks he leaves.
So it’s six spins left and six spins right.
Passengers would surely get the heaves.

Cranking that wheel,
Tearing at the ground.
Tryin’ to find a way to write his name.
Security is watching,
They get him to stand down.
The words they tell him echo in his brain:
“Saturday it’s back to school again.”

All those weekends spent on driver’s Ed
Seem to amount to naught.
“He can drive very well,” so the teacher said,
“It seems like he just forgot.”

The truth is that the teacher is a dark haired girl,
And Johnny is in love with her.
He stays in trouble so they’ll send him back.
Saturdays she will be there for sure.

He’s lonely like a trucker
Driving in the Arizona plains
He wants to...

(Oops. Let’s try a different approach)

He’s lonely like a coyote
Howling at the desert moon.
Feeling his wild oats,
Thinks that he’ll go crazy if he doesn’t get to know her soon.

He sees her in the hallway,
Tries to catch her eye.
Waving, but his effort is in vain.
Then she sees him coming
And lets out a sigh.
Can’t tell if she’s teasing or she’s pained.
“Saturday, and here you are again.
Saturday it’s back to school again.”

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