Almost Dave

Almost Dave: Plane of Hunger

Lately, the David Wilcox mailing list has had a good deal of fun writing parodies to David's songs. I've collected the efforts on these pages. I hope you enjoy.

Plane of Hunger” by Dennis
based on Chain of Anger, by David Wilcox

Sent: March 3, 1999 12:55 AM

The mem'ries of the past
When the airlines had no fast
Back when they'd serve you food that was edible,
Bring me back to times
When eating food was not a crime
Assuming it would fit upon that "table."

The "snacks" that they serve now,
Resemble food and still somehow,
They don't quite fit into to that category.
You know that you'll regret
Trying to take it to your pet -
They'll look at you forlorn, "That's all you brought me?"

And you can't bite down
Unless you want to break your crown.
The bread's as stale as bricks around a hearth.
You work on it,
You think you just may have a fit
And so you're done with it before you start.
This airline "food" is bad, I tell you, Dear.
Please pick it up and make it disappear.

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