Almost Dave

Almost Dave: Combing Your Hair

Lately, the David Wilcox mailing list has had a good deal of fun writing parodies to David's songs. I've collected the efforts on these pages. I hope you enjoy.

Combing Your Hair” by Denice Hazlett
based on (You Were) Going Somewhere by Buddy Mondlock
as performed by David Wilcox

Sent: May 23, 1999 10:42 AM

I thought that we were on our way.
I saw you reach for your hairspray.
You vanished to the bathroom
You were in there for so long

You would have heard me if I‘d called,
“You know, I wish that you were bald!”
But I had to bite my lip.
That sentiment‘s forgone.

I heard you say,
“I‘m having a bad hair day!”

You were combing your hair
You were combing your hair

We should be driving down the road,
But you‘re still in the damn commode.
Despite all my insistence,
You have the gall
to carry on.

You brush and tease and spray your hair.
Your coiffe‘s suspended in mid-air.
I settle on the couch...
This is taking way too long.

I hear you spray.
This could take the whole day.

You were combing your hair.
You were combing your hair.

You‘re in there styling like mad.
Man, your timing is bad.
We‘re missing the whole soiree
While my tresses turn grey.

And you keep combing your hair

I‘ve had enough,
And, truth be told,
Your best friend is
Your Superhold.
You‘re looking in the mirror.
You‘re obsession‘s so bizarre

This constant coiffing‘s getting old.
You‘re trying to spin your locks to gold.
Conditioner‘s going to get you there.
I‘m heading for the car.
But you‘re combing your hair
Yes, you‘re combing your hair
You keep combing your hair
You‘re still combing your hair...

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