David Wilcox in Concert, 1999

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These shots were taken at the 26-March, 1999 David Wilcox concert at Be Here Now. I also saw him perform on the previous night at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA (a venu that I do not recommend), but was unable to take any sort of pictures there. David did his usual wonderful job, of course. J

In Atlanta, I was going to buy an additional copy of his Underneath CD (to be signed), but they had run out, so David graciously signed an album poster for me.

Anyway, on with the pictures....

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image image image
image image
image image
His best "Blow 'em Away" face image
image image

Hey, if you have any ideas for captions for these ten pictures, I'd sure appreciate your input. Please write to me with your suggestions, and if I use your idea I'll put your name on this page.

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