Almost Dave

Almost Dave: Never a Trough

Lately, the David Wilcox mailing list has had a good deal of fun writing parodies to David's songs. I've collected the efforts on these pages. I hope you enjoy.

Never a Trough” by Laura
based on Never Enough, by David Wilcox

Sent: June 17, 1999 4:35 PM

One horse grazing in a green, green pasture,
Cow's layin' in the shade chewin' his cud.
One sheep munchin' on sweet, sweet clover,
Hen's peckin' dirt, tryin' to find some bugs.

All the livestock look at what the pig has to eat
And on one single thing, they can all agree...

Never a trough, no never a trough
Never a trough, never a trough.

Did you see what the farmer put in there?
Looked like a hundred years old.
It was green 'n' slimy and it was moving
ooh, I think it was growing some mold.

And now you want the pig to eat that!
You'd never catch me eating that stuff.

Never a trough, no, never a trough

Let's say tomorrow
The farmer brings you
Two buckets full of slop
Oh what a sorrow!!
Sure it's food from his dinner table,
But you're wonderin' if he ate some pork chops!

So it's never a trough
never a trough, never a trough.

Even if I have nothing to eat.
Even if I have nothing to eat.
Even if I have nothing to eat.
Never a trough.

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