Almost Dave

Almost Dave: Underwear

Lately, the David Wilcox mailing list has had a good deal of fun writing parodies to David's songs. I've collected the efforts on these pages. I hope you enjoy.

Underwear” by Bill Foley
based on Underneath by David Wilcox

Sent: May 16, 1999 2:21 AM

The underwear passion
is all out of fashion.
Commando is all the rage.
Give in to that sin,
to that feeling of skin
that’s enjoyed by today’s youthful age.

But there’s such great risk in this system,
of breaking the lingerie rule.
If pants are not strong, you can rip them,
and wind up exposing your tool.
And then you will be such a fool.


What is it really that’s keeping me
supported whatever I do?
When temptation speaks louder than wisdom
and leads me to dress as I do.
By mistake I go forth hanging out there.
Zipper down with no secrets to keep.
Wearing nothing but frightening stillness


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