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The song samples here will change from time to time.
My interest is mainly in folk music.

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Sound Bytes

A word about the sound bytes: the sound files are now in .MPEG layer 3 format (MP3), which is much more efficient than the Windows .WAV format in terms of disk space and download time. There are several good .mp3 players available on internet.

Go get WinAmp, a great .mp3 player/plugin.

Look here for more sound bytes as I get time to add them.

(Samples of Howard Emerson’s work.)

(Note: The MP3 files are larger (longer download) but are higher quality than the Real Audio files)

Crossing Crystal Lake
Dust Mop
Keep Walkin’



(Samples of Christine Lavin’s work.)

Planet X Planet X (complete web address in lyrics)
(You can now hear all of Planet X in streaming
Real Audio at Christine’s home page)
(35 seconds, 472KB)
Snackin’ Snackin’ (Are we fishin’ or are they snackin’? Find out.) (36 seconds, 498KB)
I’m Bored I’m Bored (40 seconds, 537KB)
The Kind of Love You Never Recover From The Kind of Love You Never Recover From (26 seconds, 362KB)

(Samples of Joe Giacoio’s work.)

Night Games (42 seconds, 571KB)
Jury of My Peers (28 seconds, 377KB)
Count to Three (29 seconds, 398KB)

(Samples of Carla Ulbrich’s work.)

Love Connection (31 seconds, 446KB)
It Reminds Me of You (42 seconds, 602KB)
Zippity-do-dah (27 seconds, 378KB)
If Your Girlfriend Was Gone (34 seconds, 398KB)

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