David Wilcox in Concert

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Hi! These shots were taken at the 20 November, 1997 David Wilcox concert at Be Here Now. The show was, of course, fantastic. David introduced the opening act, Bill Miller, who is a terrific musician with a great voice. After Bill Miller was finished (and a break), David took the stage and performed for about two hours. He was joined on the stage by Nance Petit (his wife), who sang background on two songs, and by a poet (whose name I have shamefully forgotten), who performed three poems. A wonderful time was had by all. This page was a lot of fun to put together; the pictures were taken with a JVC digital camcorder, then converted to disk using a "Snappy" interface. Both the JVC and the Snappy interface are highly recommended (although these pictures don't really do the camera justice... the dark lighting at this concert causes some loss of clarity.


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