Billy Jonas at The Handlebar, March, 1998

In March, 1998, Billy Jonas and David Wilcox put on two fantastic nights of shows at The Handlebar in Greenville, SC. For a review of the first night's show, click here.

Billy Jonas and David Wilcox:
"Pissin' Outside"
(Actually, this was captured in August
at "Be Here Now.")

image (Sorry... you don't have the MPG plugin. Click below to download movie.) image
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Download the RealVideo version of "Pissin' Outside"
(Lower quality, fast download (265KB))

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Wireless Billy Nice Guy "Hi!"
Surprise Big drum crescendo "Lula-Hi!"
Hey! Isn't that David Wilcox? Billy and David singing mightily At the drums
Full view of recycled drums "One goes up, one goes..." Billy and David sing "Witchita"

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