Joe Giacoio and Carla Ulbrich

I had the opportunity of seeing these two perform in concert near Clemson, SC, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Both singer/songwriters are extremely well-versed and talented with their instruments (guitar and vocal). Their songs are witty and fun, sometimes with obviously heart-felt emotions.

Joe has a CD out ("Superman's Midlife Crisis"), and Carla has a 4-song cassette. Here are some images and samplings of their work (Carla's is forthcoming, because I've played her tape so much it won't make decent sound bytes anymore. Carla's first CD is due out in 1998.

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Carla and Joe Carla Joe Carla
Carla Joe Carla Joe
Joe Carla Joe Carla

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Joe's home page
Carla's home page

Joe Giacoio sound bytes

Night Games Night Games (42 seconds, 571KB) Jury of My Peers Jury of My Peers (28 seconds, 377KB)
Count to Three Count to Three (29 seconds, 398KB)

Carla Ulbrich sound bytes

Count to Three Love Connection (31 seconds, 446KB) Night Games It Reminds Me of You (42 seconds, 602KB)
Night Games Zippity-do-dah (27 seconds, 378KB) Night Games If Your Girlfriend Was Gone (34 seconds, 398KB)

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