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The previous times that I have seen David, he was quite entertaining, but none have come close to what I had the privilege of enjoying on Wednesday night.

Billy Jonas opened for David.Billy is, in his own right, an excellent performer who specializes in unusual instruments and audience participation. He's very animated and entertaining... as the saying goes in this area, "he's a hoot."

He is also obviously a friend of David Wilcox. For the language experts on the list, I don't mean a 'friend,' as in "yeah, I performed with him once or twice," but a FRIEND, as in someone who shares secrets, fun, and quality time.

Put him with David, and the two of them just have a ball. They play off of each other so well. I hadn't seen DW laugh and carry on so happily to date. It seemed to me that they weren't doing a show; they were at home, doing what they love to do.

A side bar: Billy Jonas is one half of the former duo, "The Billys."Bill Melanson was the other half. At the end of the EAH CD...where that "special" track lives.... that is Bill M. performing with David.

I said that Billy "opened," but that is not entirely accurate... they blended their sets, performing together on nearly half of the songs. The "standard" thirty-minute intermission between artists was replaced by minor set changes (about ten minutes), and a swap of lead singers. So, aside from that little break, the entertainment was nonstop from 8:30 until 11:30.

The show was quite impromptu.Set list will be submitted separately (it is not in front of me now), but below is the non-technical scoop.

David introduced Billy to the stage. Billy did several numbers, with Dave on backing vocals (and sometimes on drums). He (BJ) used a multitude of instruments, notably "recycled" drums (made from various kinds of buckets and other containers) and guitar. He was mostly funny, with a lot of depth thrown into the humor. One of his songs had a very heart-wrenching part (death of a child), with a wonderfully crafted, uplifting ending.

Both artists laughed and carried on during the performance.Not in a disruptive way, but in a way that made me feel I was simply another guest in their huge living room.

Billy accepted the encore demand of the audience, with David in tow. They performed one song for encore.

Ordinarily, at this point, I am thinking, "What can I say about Dave that hasn't been said?" This time, the answer came without the question. From the beginning of David's set, it was obvious that tradition would not dictate his approach. He played a wonderful instrumental guitar piece for several minutes before he broke into Spin. He sang an a-capella choir tune that he had written new (funny) words for while he was in college. He and Billy sang an impromptu song (something like "There Are No Records Anymore")... where anyone from the audience would mention some attribute about vinyl records ("a record experience"), and a verse would be made up and sung about that, on the spot. Suggestions were cracking/ hissing, warps, skeet shoot, and backward recording. They pulled the song off without a hitch.

Someone had left Waffle House hats on the stage for them, so they donned those while they performed that song. David looked quizzically at his for a moment (for those who have no idea what one looks like, it has a big WH emblem on it), turning it over and over. Then he said, "I don't know whether to wear it as 'Waffle House' or (holding up upside down) 'House of Midnight.'"

As I implied, it was my favorite performance to date. I can't wait to see what they will come up with tonight. :^)

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