Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women

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Had the privilege of seeing Saffire perform at The Handlebar on 15-Jan, 1998. What a great show. Saffire are all super-charged, fun-loving gals with enourmous musical talent. They all have great songwriting skills, and they also do some of the best "covers" I have ever heard. Get some of their CDs and check out their home page.

The pictures were taken with a JVC digital camcorder, then converted to disk using a Zoltrix video capture card.

(No, they don't have purple hair. That's the effect of the lights.)

(Click on image to see full-sized view.)

Gaye and Andra Uppity Andra Gaye got the blues Ann got the blues
Ann Gaye Andra Gaye
Bill Miller with guitar Gaye Gaye Gaye
Gaye Double Gaye Ann Gaye
Ann Andra Gaye Laughing Gaye

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