Christine Lavin in Concert

These shots were taken at the 19 December, 1997 Christine Lavin concert at The Handlebar. Christine puts on a wonderful show, and keeps the audience entertained (and usually laughing) from start to finish. She has a great talent for expressing the lighter side of the darker side of life, touching the heart in a very special way. There's humor in much of what she writes and sings; at the same time, her serious songs can bring a tear to the most guarded eye. If you get a chance to see her perform, do yourself a big favor and do it! At the end of her show, she did a baton twirling act. Not knowing to expect that, I did not save any camera battery for that part (what a loss!). This lady has enourmous talent!

I had the pleasure of speaking with her before and after the program. What can I say, she's a real person.

The pictures and movie were taken with a JVC digital camcorder, then converted to disk using a Zoltrix video capture card.

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Christine Lavin Dancing and with streamers (13 seconds, 310KB)

Click on image to see 640 x 480 view.

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