ChordPro Song Markup, Part 2: Shorthand

Being brief... using ChordPro tag abbreviations


ChordPro Syntax

# ------------------------------------------------------
# these hidden comments may be placed anywhere!
# more info here:
# ------------------------------------------------------
# "title" or just "t" 
{t: ChordPro Song Markup, Part 2: Shorthand}

# "subtitle" can just be "s"
{st: Being brief... using ChordPro tag abbreviations}

# these two, "album" and "artist", have NO shorthand:
{album: ChordPro Syntax}
{artist: Buz}

# Not surprisingly, {comment} can be {c}
[Dm] [Gm] [Dm] [Gm] [D7]

{c: Verse 1}
Topping [Dm]applicake [Am]gingerbread [Gm]wypas. 
[Dm]Donut I love [Am]caramels donut 
Chocolate [Dm]bar wafer [Am]bonbon lemon [Gm]drops. 
Tootsie [Dm]roll carrot [Am]cake biscuit [Gm]cupcake. [F]

# ------------------------------------------------------
# My favorite shorthand...
# replace "start_of_chorus" with soc
# and that bulky "end_of_chorus" with eoc
# ------------------------------------------------------
[Dm7]Gummies chocolate cake macaroon.
Muffin [C]halvah sweet gummi bears 
[G7]Danish cupcake. 
[Dm7]Sugar plum powder macaroon

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