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{title: Auto-convert "Plain Text" to ChordPro}
{artist: Mr.Automatic}
{subtitle: Lyrics and Chords on Separate Lines}

# ------------------------------------------------------
# What happens if the chords aren't enclosed in square
# brackets? It attempts to convert the song to ChordPro
# format.
# If you didn't choose "OK" when this page loaded, click
# "Update" button to rerun the import... and this time 
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# All chords on a line must be recognizable, "common"
# ones or the line is skipped.
# ------------------------------------------------------

Em Gaug Em6 Gaug A9

{c: Verse 1: OK}
Gaug   Em6  B7
Em6     B7        Em6  B7 Em6
an' the livin' is easy-y
B7   Em6 Am      C Am7     C      Gdim B    F7 B
Fish are jumpin'   an' the cotton is   high.

{c: Verse 2: Unrecognized Chords}
Gaug   Gm7b5  B7
Summer-time (whoops! didn't recognize those chords!)
C            B/F
What happens when 
D/G     C
Not all slash-chords work

{c: Verse 3: Chord Blocks}
C   F   G  B7
D  G    C  
B  B7

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