David Wilcox in Concert

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Hi! These shots were taken at two March, 1998 David Wilcox concerts at The Handlebar (portions from the August, 1998 Be Here Now concert). David and Billy Jonas did a fantastic job of entertaining the audiences both nights. It was great to see two good friends having so much fun together, and sharing the good time with the audience. You can see my review of the first night, courtesy of Denice Hazlett.

David Wilcox, the Head Mangohead (Handlebar)
Determined (Handlebar)
With Billy Jonas (Handlebar)
Closeup - serous look (Handlebar)
Happy singer (Handlebar)
Long shot (Reflecting) (Handlebar)
David Wilcox and Billy Jonas (Handlebar)
David Wilcox and Billy Jonas (Handlebar) (not a repeat)
Closeup - Studying audience (Handlebar)
Introducing a song (Handlebar)
Closeup - singing (Handlebar)
Pleased (Handlebar)
"Blow 'em Away" (Handlebar)
More reflections (Handlebar)
"Oh well" (Handlebar)
"It's good work, if you can get it" (Closeup, Handlebar)
Portrait (Handlebar)
Closeup "Unplugged" (Handlebar)
Happy singer (Be Here Now)
Smiling with Billy Jonas (Be Here Now)
Proud (Be Here Now)
Singing with Billy Jonas (Be Here Now)
Closeup, Nice Guy (Be Here Now)
More happiness
With Billy Jonas, in Waffle House giddup (Handlebar)

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