Billy Jonas in Concert

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These shots were taken at the 19 December, 1997 Billy Jonas concert at The Handlebar. Billy opened for Christine Lavin at that show. He's highly animated and his songs are original and hysterical, easily holding the interest of the listener. He plays guitar, various percussive instruments, and "recycled drums" (which are actually plastic buckets, water bottles, and barrels. It's an odd idea, I know, but the "drums" sound absolutely amazing (and I'm a former drummer)). If I had heard him on record instead of in concert, I might not have believed that the equipment was as I have just described. If you get the opportunity to see one of his great live appearences, it's highly recommended that you do so!

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The pictures and movie were taken with a JVC digital camcorder, then converted to disk using a Zoltrix video capture card.

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