Cliff Eberhardt in South Carolina/Georgia

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It was great to be able to see Cliff again, this time in my home town of Greenville, SC (at "Coffee Underground"). After that, I just *had* to follow him to North Carolina and Georgia. I got to know a lot more about him. This man is a gem of a person. In Greenville, he sat with the audience members while he waited for the time to start his show, and seemed to be willing to talk about anything. He talked of his just-completed trip to Alaska, and had some great stories to tell. Cliff made us all feel important and needed. He was very appreciative for the internet presence (small, as it may be) that is provided on these pages dedicated to him. It was a great three days, and I'll do it again if I get the chance. "Thanks bunches" to Cliff, Coffee Underground, and Eddie's Attic.

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