Cliff Eberhardt @ The Octagon

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Cliff is a man of expression. He thoroughly entertained the audience at The Octagon, in Clearwater, FL on 10-April, 1998, where I had the privilege of attending one of his concerts. He's a top notch performer through and through. He seemed quite comfortable with his surroundings, and made us feel welcomed from beginning to end. He's extremely funny—might have been an excellent comedian, but then we would have missed his superb talents as a singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist. He puts his whole self into entertaining his captivated audience. His facial expressions (only partially captured in the images below), body language, highly emotional voice, and finely honed instrumental work leave the listener/watcher with a complete understanding of Cliff's feeling of the moment. I've always been impressed with his CDs, but until I saw him in person, I didn't realize the completeness of his abilities. He is one of the finest entertainers I have had the privilege of experiencing.

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Voodoo Morning" - 51 seconds runtime, 810KB)
Still images:
Talking to God
Play, magic fingers!
His face
"Well, duh!"
Silly wave
Oh my God, he has a knife!"
The Octagon stage
Happy singer
Relaxed with the audience
Big, bad husband
Hey, it's me."
Into the music
Still into the music
At the piano
With dobro 1
With dobro 2

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